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Temple Criminal Defense > Blog > Criminal > Is It Possible To Withdraw Your Guilty Plea?

Is It Possible To Withdraw Your Guilty Plea?


Getting caught up in the criminal justice system can ruin anyone’s day. The criminal justice system can be complex and confusing, and it can also be scary. Making the right moves and decisions to hope for the best results is a tricky game and must be done strategically. When you go to trial, you can be sure the prosecution has one agenda on its mind: securing a guilty verdict against you. And prosecutors can be ruthless in this endeavor.

If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, do not think that you can just shrug your situation off. Quite the opposite. A criminal record could significantly impact every other aspect of your life, not to mention it also comes with time behind bars away from your friends and family and costly fines. It is imperative to take a calculated approach to your situation. Anything you do could come with profound negative implications on your life. This is why connecting with a legal professional trained and licensed in criminal law in your area is advantageous.

After an arrest, you can call a Temple criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC, for support.

Can Guilty Pleas Be Changed?

Perhaps, in the high emotion and stress of the moment, you decide that you should plead guilty to your charges. Later, though, you realize that may not have been the best move. What can you do? Is it even possible to withdraw your guilty plea? Maybe.

Let’s say you plead guilty to one charge but not to another. If you want to change the guilty plea, you will need to think fast. As long as you change your plea before the jury in your case goes into deliberation, it can be possible. Failure to do so in time means you are stuck with the plea you put forward.

With negotiated plea situations, there is still time to make changes. Before you hear your sentence, you still have time to withdraw a guilty plea. You must do so before the court reads your sentence. Once the court takes your plea and begins speaking your sentence, you are out of luck.

If you plead guilty without a deal with the state, you will be seen before a judge for sentencing. This may be the most challenging situation for you to withdraw a plea, but still possible. It all depends on the judge, who has the discretion to allow you to withdraw or not.

Speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas Today

It is essential to know your rights and your options when going to court to face criminal charges. Making the right decisions is critical to the outcome of your case and for your future. Having experienced legal counsel on your side can help you better understand what actions are possible for you to take and that will improve your chances of securing the most optimal results.

For help with criminal charges in Texas, please call a Texas criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC, at (254) 330-3214. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.



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