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Bell County Suspended License Attorney

Texas motorists know that punishment for violating traffic laws can lead to fines and points on a driver’s record, but not as many people realize that jail time is possible for certain offenses. As such, state law on operating motor vehicles in violation of suspension might come as an unwelcome surprise. Regardless of whether your driving privileges were suspended for a DUI, accumulating points on your driving record, or other circumstances, the penalties can impact your personal freedom and wallet.

However, an arrest for driving on a suspended license is not the equivalent of guilt. You will have your day in court to fight the charges, and our team at The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC is ready to defend your rights. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Bell County suspended license attorney who can advise you on options. It is also helpful to review the key points about the law.

Overview of Driver’s License Suspension Laws

Texas officials will suspend your driving privileges if you accumulate too many points on your driving record from traffic tickets or engage in specific violations of the law. Examples include drunk driving, drag racing, reckless driving, and refusing to blow for a DWI case. Your driver’s license could even be suspended for a non-driving matter, such as drug possession, manufacturing, or trafficking.

When your driving privileges are under suspension, you cannot legally operate a motorized vehicle for the designated period OR until you go through the license reinstatement process. If convicted of driving on a suspended license in Texas, the offense is an unclassified misdemeanor. You could be sentenced to a minimum of 72 hours’ incarceration plus a fine ranging from $100 to $500. However, it is a Class A Misdemeanor if you were previously convicted for driving while license invalid. A judge could order up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $4,000.

Defenses and Strategies

The key with these cases is whether you were aware of the suspension, since the statute requires the prosecution to prove that you “knowingly” operated the vehicle. This defense is not available in many cases, since you are presumed to have notice if the suspension documents were sent to the address you have on your driver’s license records.

Still, our Bell County attorneys at The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC will pursue other strategies in a case for driving on a suspended license. We can also assist with getting your license reinstated or advise you on seeking a hardship license, which allows you to drive to school, work, or for other limited purposes.

Contact Our Bell County Lawyers About Driving on a Suspended License

If you were arrested for operating a vehicle after your driving privileges were suspended, please contact The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC to speak to a member of our team. You can reach our location in Temple, TX by calling 254-330-3214 or via our website. A Bell County defense attorney can explain additional details about driving while your license was suspended.

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