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Temple Criminal Defense > Bell County Probation Violation Attorney

Bell County Probation Violation Attorney

You do not need a background in law to know that probation is a positive outcome in a Texas criminal case, barring full dismissal of the charges. Whether it is part of your sentence after a conviction or an option for deferring the charges, probation may help you avoid incarceration and other harsh punishment. Of course, this advantageous treatment does not come without a caveat: The court will impose certain terms and conditions when ordering probation. Failure to comply can lead to serious consequences under the Texas statute on probation violations, possibly triggering even harsher penalties.

However, you still have rights if police or prosecutors claim you violated the terms of your probation. Knowing that you could wind up back in jail or face other punishment, retaining legal help is critical. At The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC, our team is knowledgeable about the laws and skilled at developing defense strategies. Please contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation with a Bell County probation violation attorney to learn the details, though an overview is also informative.

Basics of Probation and Violations

Texas uses the term community supervision to refer to probation as punishment after a conviction. You may also be subject to a similar arrangement if you resolved criminal charges through deferred adjudication. In such a case, you would plead guilty but judgment is withheld pending completion of terms set by the judge; probation comes before the conviction.

With both scenarios, you only receive the benefits of probation if you comply with the court’s order. Typically, the terms will include:

  • Avoiding arrest;
  • Completing drug or alcohol treatment;
  • Submitting to random drug and alcohol testing;
  • Appearing in court as required; and
  • Meeting with a probation officer.

Legal Process for a Probation Violation

Officials may initiate legal action by filing a motion to adjudicate probation, followed by a warrant if the judge finds that you failed to comply with the order. The next step will be a revocation hearing, during which the prosecutor has the burden of proving that you violated probation. With assistance from a Bell County probation violations attorney, you have the chance to contest the allegations and provide defenses.

At the conclusion of the revocation hearing for a community supervision case, the judge may revoke probation and send you to jail. However, the court may simply modify the terms based upon the type of violation. In a case involving deferred adjudication, keep in mind that you pleaded guilty in exchange for probation. A violation means you move directly to sentencing.

The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC will support your rights after a probation violation, and we are ready to advocate on your behalf at the revocation hearing. It is our goal to get your case back on track with minimal consequences.

Get Legal Help from a Bell County Probation Violations Lawyer

To learn more about the legal process, please contact The Law Office of Katie L. Gomez, PLLC. You can set up a free consultation at our Temple, TX location by calling 254-330-3214 or going online. A Bell County probation violations attorney can advise you after learning more about your case.

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